We Are Closing Our Doors September 30, 2019

After 100 years in business we are closing our doors for the final time this coming September 30th. Everything and we mean everything is for sale. We will take on new projects, but only until September 30th. Any of you saving repair work, with repair work here, finishing add-a-pearls, thinking of purchasing, now is the time. All clocks, watches and jewelry in stock are being liquidated and any new purchases will be at unbeatable prices.

It has been a mostly fun ride and a pleasure meeting so many of you and being part of special moments and occasions in your lives.

For those interested in reading more about our long term plan after September 30th please read the following letter.

Ohanian Jewelers Closing After 100 Years Letter

A Look Back at the 1950s

Leon Ohanian on diamond cutting bench in Filene's jewelry department in the early 1950's.

Filene's promoting their new jewelry department.